Buy Urn Necklace to Honour the Memory of the Departed Souls

The loss of our loved ones can never be replenished, and this is the reason why people look for memorialising the various things associated with the departed soul. Cremation jewelry does this beautifully as these are designed to hold small portion of ash or other things related to the loved one. These items have become very popular as one cannot imagine any better way of holding the memories of a person they cared for. They are available in various designs, materials, and shapes and sizes. They can also be easily customised appropriately to make the item more meaningful for the customer.

Use cremation jewelry like regular jewelry

People wear cremation jewelry as regular jewelry but they are more precious and hold a closer place to the owner’s heart.Truly speaking these items are not merely material possessions and are much more than that. That is why they are subtle, sober and beautiful. Some people choose them in designs that are related to the deceased. Exclusive and customised items are much preferred and most manufacturers give their best in creating items that are as per the client’s choice to render the unique touch.

Keepsake jewelry: the best option to remain close to your beloved person

If you are looking to buy keepsake jewelry, urn necklace is perhaps the best choice. They are pendants of various shapes and can hold the cremains perfectly and help you hold the memories closest to your heart. The designs available are regular ones which anyone can wear as regular jewelry. These necklaces are good enough to wear with variety of dresses and can fit all occasions. There are so many options that you are bound to find the one that will be perfect to honour your loved one’s memories.

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Acquiring a Corporeal Relic for Feeling an Incorporeal Unity

The death of a loved one is a permanent loss, which leaves the surviving members cheerless. It is very difficult to negotiate with a sudden death of dearly loved family member. In such unfortunate scenarios where saddened heart feels shattered by a swelling void, one can literally find no respite and is unable to take recourse to repose.  Necklace urns can assuage the grieving person as it will allow the individual to keep a part of the last remains of the lost beloved close to oneself.

Necklace urns – Designed as per the choice of the wearer

Urns have been in use since ancient times and artistic urns have been created to commemorate an event of the past. Urns have been used as a container for holding the ashes of the cremated person. Necklace urns for ashes are a recent development and are given the shape of a wearable piece of jewelry. This is specifically done so that the mourner can feel an incorporeal unity with the dead beloved and instead of getting extremely saddened by his/her departure from the earthly world.

Cremation necklace – Memoir of happy moments you spent

The necklace urns are akin to relics that serve as a memoir of happier times. These are variously crafted and the bereaved person can choose the pattern, design and color of the necklace urn from the vast catalog of available designs. Once the urn has been crafted in a necklace shape it can be kept on the mantelpiece or it can be worn, but in either way the peace of having a portion of the loved one nearby offers unaccountable solace.

A Luminous Relic for Remembering the Death of A Loved One

There is one constant in the course of evolution that has been occurring since times immemorial, and that is death. Life and death is a complete natural circle and mortality is a true fact which is known to all. But the death of dear ones isn’t a palatable truth and is definitely hard to accept. The cremated being escapes the earthly ordeal and the saddened near ones are left with nothing but a pot of ashes. Pendants for ashes are made so that the close association can be maintained even though the earthly connection has been severed. This form of jewelry isn’t just an ornament but a highly prized possession containing the essential remains of a loved being.

The importance of cremation jewelry

The collection of cremation jewelry can be viewed in both online and retail jewelry stores. This type of jewelry has been categorized separately for the emotional and sentimental value that is attached to it. There are two kinds of processes through which pendant for ashes are made. In the first category, metal encasements having a small sealable compartment for placing the ashes are made in a variety of designs. The second category involves the application of modern technology for changing the ashes into semi precious stones, which can be colored as per the preference of the bereaved person. Pet cremation jewelry is another type dedicated for memorializing the death of pet animals like dogs, cats etc.

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Carving A Fine Memory Out Of The Remains Of A Departed Person

Death is inevitable, it is a known fact but the knowledge of death’s inevitability doesn’t make the passing away of a loved one any less painful. Dealing with such losses is very difficult and even though the sharp pain subsides with time but a dull ache remains forever. Cremation ashes jewelry enables an aggrieved person to cope with the death of a loved person. The jewelry is made to provide a portable vessel that can be used to store the ashes of the departed soul. The vessel is variously designed and the mourning person can opt for a particular shape of his/her choice.

The main conception of cremation jewelry

The ashes remaining after the cremation process is over is the dust of the dead person’s bones. The objective behind the conception of cremation jewelry for ashes is to ensure that the last remains of the person is kept preserved through generations. The spirit of the dead person remains encased in the jewelry that serves the purpose of a personal relic. Being available in different forms, cremation jewelries can be worn as necklace, finger ring etc.

The entire being which has been transformed into ash can be further transformed into cremation ashes jewelry that will keep it safe from the ravages of time. The jewelry is definitely wearable so that a certain communion is felt even though the person has died. This invaluable piece of jewelry can soothe the shattered heart after the demise of a beloved individual.

Keepsake Items Of Someone Dear

Often we want to keep a part or a small keepsake item of someone we hold dear, either when they are away from us or when they have departed from this world. For such reasons, many people like to keep a tiny amount of cremation ash or a strand of hair or anything small that reminds them of someone they hold dear in their hearts.

Ashes close to you

Instead of keeping the cremation ashes of your loved one in an urn on the mantle, why not opt for cremation pendants? These are pendants that come with special design features. You could choose from different religious symbols or models which include a compartment inside. Here one can seal in any item like ashes from an urn or even a few locks of hair and preserve the same by sealing the compartment. This allows you to wear the item for yourself and have a part of your precious someone with you at all times.

Different designs and products

Even if you opt for an urn necklace you will find several choices in designs as well as materials. You could opt for items in gold or platinum as well as stainless steel or rhodium plated items. The items can be in the form of chain with a cross like a pendant or a pendant that is designed like a bird or peace, wing of an angel, heart and so forth. There are options in product items as well, such as a charm like item to wear on a bracelet or a pin with an attachment.  These are several options made available by online vendors these days which are also open for customization such engravings and more.

How To Commemorate Your Memories Of A Loved One?

If you have lost a dear one, it is a hard time for you and others in your family. There are ceremonies to conduct and functions through which we commemorate the memories of the person who has passed on. If you find it hard to let go of your feelings and memories, you need to give time to yourself to heal. With an urn necklace for ashes you will be able to hold onto the last remaining parts of your dear one.

Where to find such items?

If you have not heard of cremation necklaces for ashes you can look them up at online stores as well. This is a specialty range of jewelry that is designed for those who are conducting the final rites for a loved one. These are jewelry items that comprise of necklaces with pendants that have a provision to store the ashes of the one who has been cremated. There are different materials of such necklaces and other kinds of jewelry items that can be used to decorate urns, cremation grounds as well as to carry ashes in a sacred place or item close to one’s body.

Find items of your choice

When it comes to urn or cremation necklaces these are personal choices of those ordering them. For that reason many online stores allow one to order customized items. There are standard designs which will allow you to store ashes in a secure manner in pendants without fear of losing it. The sealing technique and details are mentioned in the product catalogs for you to be assured of the same before you make a purchase.

How To Preserve The Memories Of A Dear One?

When we lose someone to death or have to leave someone in another city or town and come away, there is always a feeling of loss. While the feelings associated with death are more acute, it is also painful when you have to separate from a loved one, be it a family member or a friend. There are ways to preserve your memories and hold them close to your heart, with the help of keepsake jewelry.

Cremation remains

One way of preserving a part of a deceased person is to have their hair or ashes, a tiny part of it preserved in a locket, pendant, pin, ring or any other form of accessory. The idea is usually to have the item for yourself or close to you as and when you want it. For that reason, many people prefer to have a tiny part of cremation ashes in the form of urn jewelry which they can wear for themselves and use it every day or on special occasions. Many people wear pendants and have the ashes locked in a tiny compartment that is formed inside the pendant. This is specially designed and hence, you need to shop for the right category of items so that you can preserve the remains accordingly.

Keepsake of friends or pets

There are other forms of keepsake accessories that one could look at. For instance, engravings on any piece of jewelry can be a perfect gift item when you are separating from a friend. It helps to preserve special memories that were shared between two friends or within a group of friends even. One could even preserve a part of their pet’s remains in a similar way.

Memorabilia Of Departed For Loved Ones

When we lose a loved one, there are different ways that we grieve such a loss. Many of us are unable to accept the loss of the person or the absence of the person in our lives, especially if he or she has been dear and close to us. We also fear that we have nothing to hold onto that person who has passed away. One way of having solace is to opt for necklaces for ashes.

Memorabilia of the departed

While we do have photos and possessions of the departed to remind us of them, one way of holding close someone who has departed is to opt for an urn or cremation necklaces. While it might be a daunting thought for some people, others might cherish the opportunity to hold the ashes of the person close to their body, as pendants for ashes. In such ways it is possible to have remnants of the dearly departed close to yourself and with you at all times.

Support for those who grieve

Many people are inconsolable when they lose someone they hold dear. When one is emotionally dependent on someone, it is often difficult to accept their death. For such people, having the ashes of the cremated person in a locket pendant around their neck will provide a certain level of comfort. It would be akin to having that person around them at all times. The ashes being the last remains of that person, it helps grieving spouses and others to find comfort in having it close to their heart and with them at all times. For such reasons this kind of jewelry items are being sought out by many people these days.